BoD Minutes 2013-02-05


  • Steve Johnson
  • Bill Smith
  • Mike Hakkarainen
  • Lynn Hakkarainen
  • Karl Hakkarainen


For most of the meeting, we lacked a quorum and so took no formal actions.

We send a motion to the Board for an email vote, approving $400 for a banner over Main Street.Vote results: A majority approved the resolution, but with conditions

  • we be able to have the banner up for more than seven days
  • the banner be reusable.

These items were not resolved in the email discussion and will be resolved at the 2/12 meeting.

Mike reported on sponsorship pledges

Steve reported that the Knights of Columbus will serve a bangers and mash breakfast.

Sponsorship pledges due on 2/16.

Action items for Karl

  • Prepare news release
  • Inquire regarding message board at corner of Main and Shrewsbury streets