BOD Minutes 2013-09-16

Joseph’s Project Meeting Minutes – September 16, 2013


Board members

  • Erin Beardsley
  • Meg Butman
  • Chrissy Smith
  • Mary Ellen Smith
  • Bill Smith
  • Lynn Hakkarainen
  • Karl Hakkarainen


  • Marie Mouradian
  • Eileen Morgan
  • Mike Morgan

Current balance

Balance as of 9/16 is $12, 315.97

New business

We received donations of household products, such as cleaning supplies, and food from St. Mary’s. Lynn will send a thank-you note to the parish bulletin.

The date for the next Shamrock Shuffle will be March 15, 2014. Karl will prepare a Save the Date flyer/card that will be distributed at the Thanksgiving Day Road Race. The Holden Road Race is looking for volunteers. We can sign up at the Holden Road Race website.

General discussion about some of our recipients needing help with transportation to and from work. Lynn to contact St. Mary’s Knights of Columbus to determine if their members might be able to set up a volunteer driver program.

Karl will prepare a client list that will be displayed in the office. All who make deliveries should update the list when their deliveries changes.

The Board voted to make plans for a Halloween party/fund-raiser. Date and location to be determined based on availability of venue. Marie to contact Holden Hills. Lynn to contact St. Mary’s. (Late news. Jim Cahn has received tentative approval from The Manor for the evening of October 25.)

Next meeting

The Board will meet on September 30, 2013 at 6 pm at 53 Raymond Street.